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  • Brdr. Price restaurant
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  • Brdr. Price restaurant

The dream of a restaurant


We usually say that we come from a home with a piano and a stove, where theater and food was the center of almost every conversation - and that is pretty much still the case. Alongside our careers as screenwriters and conductors, we cultivate food and good taste, just as our father, John Price, taught us.

That interest has, among other things, led to the TV programs "Spise med Price", where we invite viewers into our own kitchens and share the joy of food, which is an important part of our sibling relationship. We are not trained chefs, but share an interest, have fun and compete in a friendly way, which has proven to be a formula for success.

Based on the shows, the dream of opening a restaurant kindled. The start of our journey was the restaurant in Rosenborggade, and since then we have expanded with restaurants throughout the country. However, we are not a chain, it is important to us that each restaurant has its own distinctive character – whether it is in Tivoli or on Torvet in Herning.

What binds our restaurants together are the keywords homeliness, coziness and personality. Above all, we want to pass on the joy of food that we ourselves grew up with, and therefore we serve everything we love, from steak to caviar, in surroundings marked by our family's creative expression.

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  • Brdr. Price restaurant
Brdr. Price restaurant

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants in Copenhagen K, Tivoli and Herning

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