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From beef stew to caviar

Food was a big deal in our childhood home, whether it was rissoles, “Sun over Gudhjem” (a traditional open rye sandwich of smoked herring and raw egg) or fine French cuisine.

Our joy of food was formed here, and it has stayed with us all our lives. We will try to pass this on to our restaurant. A place that is homely, hygge and full of personality, is the secret to our approach. Everyone should feel at home, and no one should feel out of place. What will we serve? Only food and drink that we love ourselves.

From beef stew to caviar.
In truth, we want to create the kind of restaurant that we ourselves would love to visit and eat a meal in. A place with excellent food and a great atmosphere – a place not obsessed with the latest fashions in cuisine. There are others who are much better at that sort of thing. We just want to make the sauce taste the way we like it best.

We look forward to finding out if you agree we have succeeded!

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  • Brdr Price restaurant

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    We pay tribute to the Danish-French cuisine for lunch and dinner.

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  • Brdr. Price restaurant


    In historic rooms with high ceilings, we offer exciting settings for your next event.


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