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Our suppliers

We believe that local, seasonal produce is a far greater luxury than imported and exotic vegetables.
That small local producers are worth supporting. That animal welfare results in better production, and that a focus on food waste makes us better craftsmen.

When you serve a simple, classic bistro cuisine, as we do in our restaurants in Copenhagen and Herning, the ingredients have to be first-class.

We like to let the steak be the center of attention on the plate, but then the meat must be perfect. Tender, of course, and intense in its taste of well-aged beef. The same interest and care also applies to the restaurant's other ingredients. Vegetables that taste good from proper producers, fresh fish and shellfish from suppliers we trust.

That is why we are very conscious of who is allowed to deliver to our restaurants in Copenhagen and Herning, and you can read more about our selected partners here.
  • Kildegaarden

    Gitte and Erik Skovsgaard love animals and Danish nature and this informs their passion for producing high-quality Danish beef cattle. They have introduced a number of requirements to ensure their animals live as naturally as possible in the Danish countryside. All of this care and craft results in animals that have optimal growth, which means their herd of Danish beef cattle on “Kildegaarden” farm produce meat of a much higher quality.
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  • Copenhagen Distillery

    Copenhagen Distillery was founded in 2014 by Henrik Brinks, Anders M. Frandsen, Esben Jørgensen and Ørn Ólason from the design agency Thank You Studio. Their first product was a honey-based 'dry gin'. The distillery now produces several types of gin, schnapps, aquavit, liqueur, bitters and whisky.
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  • Rogn

    Close ties to skilled partners enable ROGN to offer caviar from the very best producers both in and outside Europe. Whether it is traditionally processed caviar or special selections, they deliver a high quality.
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  • Thise Mejeri

    It seems unbelievable when you think about it today, but when Thise Dairy was founded in 1988, no one dared to believe in organic food.

    Despite this, seven naive eco-idealists sat around a dining table one late evening in Northwest Jutland, and together with a dairy manager from a small village dairy, they decided to establish Thise Mejeri.

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  • Svendborg Gourmetgris

    Svendbord Gourmetgris produces a large and meaty local pig, resulting in pork with juice and power. The butchering process is careful, and the meat’s appearance and taste is in a class of its own. Gourmet pigs are selected from the best pigs in the weight category 75–90 kg. The pig is large when it is killed. It is then slowly chilled on a hook, so the meat ages naturally. This results in meat that has a darker appearance, it tastes intense and full-bodied, and it has an extraordinarily perfect crackle.

  • Fjord

    Cod, herring, tuna, catfish, salmon, oysters, lobsters and much, much more. Fjord brings the best and freshest seafood home to Brdr. Price. At Fjord, the focus is on quality in everything they deal with. In order to live up to this, they make sure i.a. to have the shortest possible transport from sea to table.

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